Cambridge International AS: Cambridge International AS Levels The syllabuses develop a deep understanding of subjects and independent thinking skills.


C. Excellent Programmes


Learning is done thoroughly (holistic), which combines elements of Al-Qur’an and Intellectual learners focusing on character formation and problem solving ability. So that the curriculum is developed based on curriculum that combines the Quran synchronized with DIKNAS curriculum and Cambridge curriculum



This activity is conducted to provide supplies to the student’s life skills. Students are trained to be able to live  in  independence with survival skills.  The students also learn to adapt to nature. Activities are designed so that they are motivated to become a mature person, creative, and full of enthusiasm to the challenge of competing in a positive way.



Homestay Programme is a program that gives students the opportunity to directly live in countries that use English as the language of everyday.  Participants of  homestay have several benefits as follows:

  • Providing students opportunity to improve language skills directly.

  • Broadening students’ understanding about global culture and mindset. They will learn to adapt to a completely different culture form their Indonesian culture.  It is expected that students will have a high tolerance towards others of countries with different cultures.

    • Experiencing living together with local residents that will build students’ independence because they will have to adapt to the culture and rules at home where they stay.


D. Our Achievements:


No. Nama Siswa Kelas Prestasi yang Dicapai Siswa Tahun
1 Ahmad Raihan Khalid 11 JUARA 1, Kejuaraan 21th Bali International Cricket Sixes Jum’at, 14-24 April 2017
2 Daffa Naufal Rachman 12 JUARA 1 BI CUP PUTRA SOFTBALL 21-26 Agustus 2017
3 Nauval Omar Batistuta 11
4 Ahmad Raihan Khalid 11
5 Ayu Nisrina Aqilah 10 JUARA 2 BI CUP PUTRI SOFTBALL 21-26 Agustus 2017
6 Nusanda Lafitri Nesha 10
7 Aulia Fatihah Intishar M 11
8 Andi Dilvanya La Viola 11
9 Nauval Omar Batistuta 11 JUARA 3 JUANDA CUP PUTRA SOFTBALL 9-12 April 2018
10 Ahmad Raihan Khalid 11
12 Nusanda Lafitri Nesha 10



E. Facilities


School facilities play an important role in determining the success of the learning programme.  Bosowa Bina Insani School has been working to improve the facilities and the quality continuously and gradually.

  1. Comfortable classrooms
  2. Science laboratory
  3. Library
  4. Mosque
  5. Sport field (basketball, soccer, baseball)
  6. Multipurpose hall
  7. Health clinic
  8. Student Locker;
  9. Free wifi
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